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    We hard work with
    AR Apps
    To change for the better your reality.
    We love being at the cutting edge of technology.
    If you want to create your dream AR app, you just have to ask us.
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    The Future is Immersive
    Virtual Reality
    We experiment with Virtual Reality since years.
    To create an immersive applications for a Virtual Reality
    We master technology and provide access to cutting-edge resources
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    We Create Beautiful
    We make the site suitable for your business.
    We develop sites with Ar / Vr technology.
    Whatever your requests, we can fulfill them.
We hard work with
AR Apps
To change your reality.

We love being at the cutting edge of technology.
That's why we can assist you in creating your dream AR app.
We develop incredible
VR experiences
To amaze your users.
We expe
We create beautiful
Web Sites
To showcase your company efficiently.
We are very expert in Web Development.
Whatever are your requests we can fulfill them.

HELLO, WE ARE New Technology Walkers

NTW (New Technology Walkers) is a consultancy agency focused on technological multimedia projects. Its purpose is creating incredible products in all those IT fields that have a clear artistic and creative side, like web design and augmented/virtual reality. Inside NTW it is possible to find different kind of highly qualified professionals, who, collaborating together, are able to handle any kind of projects, from the simplest to the most complex one.

  • Virtual Reality

    VR is one of the biggest trends of the moment. We create VR experiences for every use.

  • Augmented Reality

    AR is the next big platform and we are onto it, both on mobile and eyeglasses side.

  • Web Design

    The web is very important to connect people and we are master of this realm.

NTW, carry out all the projects!

Our Works


We can: Research your project’s market and validate viability - Map your customer journey
Develop original creative concepts for you, or refine yours - Design an engaging user interface or experience
Train and mentor your team in design thinking and prototyping processes.

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  • VR Games

    High-quality virtual reality games for all major platforms (Oculus, Vive, Gear VR, Cardboard).

  • VR Enterprise experiences

    VR experiences for training, psychology, marketing and other vertical scenarios.

  • AR applications

    Apps for both mobile AR (ARCore, ARKit) and eyeglass AR (HoloLens).

  • WebVR Websites

    Virtual Reality experiences that can be easily accessed by just a web link.

  • Video 360°

    We create Videos(16K) and Photos at 360° compatible with all peripherals VR and Web

  • Courses & tutorials

    Courses on game development, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

We realize custom projects

Web Development

We can: Develop powerful web and optimisation strategies - Define a clear user-experience strategy
Create advanced web applications - Develope tailored, integrated apps - Provide agile project management

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  • Webside

    Websites designed following the latest trends and technologies.

  • E-commerce portals

    Websites to showcase and sell the products of your company.

  • CMS

    Blogs and websites made using popular frameworks like Wordpress and Drupal.

  • Web Marketing

    Advertisement and content marketing to drive traffic to your website.

  • Site Migration

    Painless migration of a website from a hosting platform to another.

  • SEO

    Optimization of a website to skyrocket its search engines’ ranking.



  • Massimiliano Ariani
    Web Architect & Creative Director AR/VR
  • Giada Egrotelli
    Social Media Manager
  • Mindaly Mallegni
    Sound Design
  • Alessio Falchi
    Web developer & Digital maker
  • Antony Vitillo
    Multimedia Developer & PR
  • Nicola Quadrelli
    Graphic designer
  • Thomas Cocchiera
  • Giacomo Ganduglia
    Visual Artist



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