The world is your dancefloor with Beat Reality

Today is a great day for me because finally there is a second app of mine on Viveport. It is called Beat Reality and it is a super innovative musical mixed reality experience for the Vive Focus.

The root of all this is still the #30DaysInVR initiative by Enea Le Fons. After that event, Enea and I from time to time chat about VR and collaborate on little things.
One day, during a call, he said that in his opinion it would have been cool if he could be able to see the world around him as if it was made only with edges and that these edges could be reactive to music. If you don’t know Enea, he’s a crazy creative person and he’s into various music communities and also loves to take part in DJ sets and jam sessions.
During his 30 days in VR, he made various experiments with music and XR and also shot some photos while DJing with a Vive Focus on. So he loves VR and loves music and loves also to mix the two.

But what is Beat Reality?
Well, Beat Reality is a discotheque in your home; it is a new way to see reality;
it is a synesthetic experience; it is a kinesthetic experience. Basically, you see the reality around you, but in the form of colored edges and these edges pulse so that to follow the music.
The more the music is high in volume, the more the edges are thick and opaque; the more the music is low, the more the edges become invisible.
You soon start seeing your reality beating at the rhythm of your music.
There are various visualization modes to try and this makes the app even cooler.