An augmented reality application (developed with New Technology Walkers) that you can use to show your special one that you love her/him in an innovative way.

If you should have bought her some flowers and a bottle of champagne to celebrate some special occasion (like San Valentine) but you forgot it because you were too busy, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Launch the app, put the smartphone in her hand and see her smile seeing a little romantic party appearing there, in front of her eyes, as if it were real. The party features some romantic elements and some sweet sentences and it is scientifically proved that it can melt the heart of every girl (or boy).

This application is also available for the cheap augmented reality viewer Aryzon, for an increased immersivity of the experience.


If you want some more images and videos of this application, you can find them here.


This version of the application still requires a marker to function. It is the standard Aryzon marker that you can download from hereWe also made a more romantic version that you can find here.

Download Links (v0.1)



Installation Instructions

Since I’m providing you some APKs, there are some steps to be taken:

  1. Enable “Unknown Sources apps” in the settings of your phone. It is quite easy: just go to Settings -> Security and find some option to allow Unknown sources apps to be installed;
  2. Download the app on your phone using the links above;
  3. Go to the download section of your browser and click on the just downloaded files and install it. If installation doesn’t work (Android says that “Can’t open file”), go to Step 4;
  4. Open the file manager of your Android phone and locate the just downloaded file. Open it, it should start installing it now.

(Thanks to Stack Overflow for having taught me how to do this)

Of course you can also use the nerd way and download the APK on your PC and then use adb to install it, I always make this way.

Usage instructions

Just run the app, frame the marker and look at the initial box to let the party begin. Once the “I LOVE YOU” sentence gets shown, the experience is over and you can close it.